Picture of the Day
category: Color Portraits

Alpana Vij is a Singapore based Indian painter who recently contacted me and asked if she could use one of my photographs as inspiration for one of her paintings. Given the quality of her work I gladly accepted and was enthusiast to contribute to her work of art, even by a small piece. Now that I have the result in front of me I am even happier and actually feel honored. Alpana takes my photography to a higher level; the light is no more an external source like in a photographer’s studio - it comes out of the model himself in a myriad of elementary movements that add up to a maelstrom, yet gravitating around the focal point of the picture, the eyes. Like in a hurricane the eye is the concentration of the tormented forces around and once you have looked at them you can’t escape the contact. The force of Alpana’s interpretation is amazing. I wish she could find inspiration in more of my pictures. Visit her web site here. Here is the painting (model: Achille, Acrylic on Plywood 24″ X 18″).