Picture of the Day
category: Color Portraits

I was set to assist a friend and photographer for his “Spring Fashion” shooting in the beautiful Parisian park of Saint-Cloud and wanted to take advantage of being there to ask one of my models to come and join me after the shoot I was assisting. Just about when we were ready to start taking pictures after nearly 2 hours of preparation, make-up, hair dressing and styling, a police car stopped by and the cops told us we needed a written authorization to use the park for photography. We started arguing the pictures wouldn’t be used commercially but the cops called more cops and at some point we were facing about 5 or 6 cops who didn’t look like they wanted to pick-nick with us. Funny - they told us we were in breach with the rules while we didn’t even actually start taking pictures. Our intentions were criminal, they told us. And our model was certainly under age (it turns out she is 22), maybe even an illegal immigrant (not even…) and we looked suspicious anyway. So… there wasn’t much more to discuss, and as we didn’t much care spending the rest of the weekend in a police station we packed up and left the park. On the other side of the fence, just between the river and the highway, we realized we didn’t have a Plan B to find a shooting location. After about 30 hectic minutes when the stylist, the MUA and the models were on their way to get nervous we finally found a spot under a bridge over the river Seine. And… the location turned out to be fantastic. There were large boats anchored there, a wall that hid us from any further policemen patrolling on the road and the light was just perfect for what we wanted to shoot. So after sending a text to my model to cancel the shoot I finally called him to come to the new location and here is an example of what we did there. More on www.jancphoto.com.