Picture of the Day
category: Color Portraits

I keep using the Nikon SB-900 strobes for my shoots and I must say I am pretty satisfied with them; of course the power is not the one of an Elinchrom monolight (that I used before and still have it for e.g. photos of groups) but they can give you decent lighting (especially if you use several of them at the same time); interesting modifiers are not that difficult to find on eBay (and you can even DIY some more) and… they are portable and not dependent on external power. In the case of this picture I had the model, Ruben, over in my home studio so I could have used AC powered monolights but I really enjoy the strobes. Here I used four: one on each side of the model with a lightbox (square lightbox while ideally I would have liked to use strip lights), one behind to light the backdrop and one (main) with a beauty dish, on model’s left and above him. The rest is compositing with an old airline ad… More pictures on www.jancphoto.com or on my Facebook page.