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Sometimes I shoot outdoors. In this case Don and I walked around Les Halles in Paris and took a few pictures with no additional light - just natural light. Check the pictures on my Facebook page; here is one that I liked because of the grey fall soft light; the overcast sky is one giant light box above the model’s head. I also liked the purple stickers on the glass doors and tried to play with them in this composition.

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Strobes are great but I enjoy working in a fully equipped pro studio as well; for some shootings and for commercial work I rent one that is here in Paris - Studio Blad in the 9th arrondissement. They have great Profoto lights and all things that make your life easier when you bring in models, such as a kitchen, a shower and a make up desk. All you need to do is bring your camera and voilĂ . Here I shot the singer Don L Castor from LA who now lives in Paris; I used 4 lights (again): the main one was a big octogon camera right, two strip boxes and a snoot that lights Don’s hair and spills on the background as well, creating this nice little aura around him.